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About the Book

Living Water is a collection of thoughts and visions, poetically woven into a visual expression of the authors passion for Ocean Art and the deeper thirst to discover true purpose and meaning in life. It explores thought provoking avenues about the common words that we relate to, that lead the reader down a path of encouragement and inspiration to go beyond what delights the eyes and into a deeper resource of what Thurston refers to as “Living Water."

Water is a known essential for the bodies survival, where as Living Water is reference to the deeper nourishment that fuels the dreams and visions that we all have been given in some measure that allow us to live a life of true purpose and meaning. This book has been designed to not only treat the eye but also ignite passion, fuel the soul and encourage those that thirst to find reason and courage to discover and be refreshed from the place where Living Water flows.. 

136 pages of 140gsm Matte laminate paper, wrapped in an ocean blue, Matte machine varnished White Wibalin cover, which then slides out of an elegant White Wibalin slipcase that protects the publication in a timeless fashion.



"From the moment you open the pages of Living Water you can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of inspiration. Phil's captivating photographic art, accompanied by emotive and motivational poetic passages is nothing short of brilliant. Living Water is a true testament to Phil's respect for and love of the ocean, and the many ways it can be captured and interpreted through the visual medium. A beautiful compilation of thoughts and pictures that belong on the highest of shelves."

- Warren Keelan // International Award Winning Photographer

Hi, I am a writer, producer and film director. I have worked for many years in Australia & Los Angeles on many blockbusters and have written numerous screenplays for feature film. I recently bought a book titled “ LIVING WATER” written and beautifully shot by Philip Thurston. I have known this extremely talented individual for many years and had the privilege to have him work with me on many occasions on photo shoots.

His work as a photographer is second to none. His creativity, eye for detail and ability to capture amazing pictures is absolutely astounding and breathtaking.

I have been anticipating the release of “ LIVING WATER” for some time and when I first saw the books cover protector, I was already impressed and I couldn’t wait to see the book. The books hard cover was impressive and the opening page title looked great, I couldn’t wait to turn the page again…

As I expected, Philips ocean photography was majestic. His creativity with the photos taken is impressive and really captures ones eye and imagination. If the photography wasn’t eye captivating enough, I was so astounded by his ability to write poetry. Page after page of heart felt and soul capturing lines, some poems brought me to tears.

Page after page of wonderful poems and incredible photos all bound together in a well set out and well thought through presentation.

I highly recommend the book “ LIVING WATER”, it will be a book you will cherish and read over time and time again. When you’re feeling down or just need a little inspiration, just open this book to any page.

- Danial Donai // Ex-Stuntman, writer, director.

"What an amazing peice of art this is, the images, the words that accompany them, and the man himself, really are inspiring to say the least.
Phil is at the top of his game when it comes to photographing the ocean and its beautiful surroundings, and his many years in and around it are documented beautifully within this book."

 - Lloyd Meudell // Professional Ocean Photographer

"A great collection of images and words all bundled up in a very classy final product. If you love printed books and water inspired images this could be for you."

- Aquatech Imaging Solutions




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