Thurston Photo Art comes in 5 standard 3:2 ratio sizes, depending on the medium you choose. Here you can find a to-scale size guide to assist in visualising the print size that is right for your space. We are currently testing only 5 sizes, if you're after a 12"x18" or a 20"x30" please get in touch.

If you are looking for a specific size for a designated gallery space in your home or workplace, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can work with you to provide mockups that will help you make the right decision. We have accommodated many custom projects for clients around the world, and understand that your investment in a Thurston Photo fine art print is important and it needs to look right. 

We look forward to accomodating your ocean art needs.

Question about Custom Sizing?

We are happy to help. Please get in touch and Thurston will endeavour to assist you as soon as possible.

"The ocean creates things that are incredibly astonishing and last for just a fraction of time, so the average person may have never even seen or realised such a beauty even exists. It’s also those fractions of time, that make it so special too, as often it’s the fleeting of a moment that makes it beautiful, and through photography and the camera technology of today, I am able to freeze that moment in time forever."