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Thurston Photo Exclusive Fine Art Prints

"My passion for capturing the raw and majestic power of the breaking wave carries right through into the workflow and production of my Fine Art prints." Attention to detail is second to none. We professionally colour grade and prep the file for printing at premium gallery quality. Every detail is examined down to the last pixel, ensuring investors satisfaction is paralleled to my passion behind the lens.

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About Thurston

Thurston’s passion for wave photography and oceanic endeavours has developed from a lifestyle of living by the coast and his immense spirit of adventure. His enthusiastic nature and thirst for revelation has taken him to some of the wildest places on earth in his wholehearted pursuit of transforming “Energy into Art.”

What our customers have to say..

I purchased a print for my best friend who loves the beach. It came and was just beautiful. The colors of the light through the wave were vibrant and deep. She loves the print and has it hanging in her bedroom.

Betsy B, USA

Thurston's Journal Entries..

Collaboration with Anastasia Photo

Collaboration with Anastasia Photo

I'm very excited to be collaborating with Anastasia Photo. I'm working closely with them to release a new series of wave art to be exhibited in Taiwan in March 2024 along with reevaluating my Signature print collection. 
Easter Reflections 2022

Easter Reflections 2022

I wanted to share my reflections this easter. It doesn’t have a lot to do about photography, but everything to do with the moral compass and convictions that I consider more important than my finest work. I think I want to share more about who I am, and not what I do with this article...
Interview with The Epoch Times

Interview with The Epoch Times

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Epoch Times, whom wrote a great article on my photography entitled: CREATIVE WONDERS: Photographer’s Sublime Shots of Breaking Waves Depict His Faith After Epiphany at Sea...
"When I’m immersed in nature, I see intelligent design, I see intentional energy and i see irrefutable purpose in every aspect of every detail, but above all this, I see a very clear, artistic flare woven through every living and moving thing."

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