Surface Abstractions

Surface Abstractions

Hour Glass - Abstract water photo by Thurston Photo
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It's always great to receive feedback, regardless of what field you're in. There is always going to be both positive and negative, especially when you ask for it, so it's an important part of the process of becoming an artist, to leverage both the good and bad for your own progression. 

In light of a recent poll i did, and contrary to my expectations, it seems that out of the audience that enjoys my work, the majority are also fans of abstract water.. (I do like the poll functionality within the instagram stories.. thanks Instagram). Over the years, I've seen a lot of images that would fall into this category and I am generally not inspired to go and do what I've seen done a hundred times. However, mindsets aside, no matter how many times I've entered the ocean with my camera, I continually find that there is truly an unlimited resource that the ocean provides in terms of art, especially if you're going to throw the term 'Abstract' in the mix! The way that water moves, and interacts with light, is something that will (for me personally), always captivate my attention and lure me into yet another session, swimming around with my 70-200mm or Macro lens, looking for the hidden gems that float around on the surface of the ocean.

So, I've decided to put together half a dozen photos taken from the same day (yes this whole series was taken in about 1.5 hours of morning light on the south coast of NSW), as the light changed and danced around on the surface of the water.

For the photographers reading this, i used the AquaTech Elite 5D4 Housing, the flash Strike 600 Housing, and for lenses I mixed it up with the 16-35mm f/4, a 70-200mm f/2.8 and a 100mm macro f/2.8. (yes, there was some wet and quick housing and lens changing happening!)

For the non-photographers, enjoy this mini series of surface abstractions from a single mornings swim in the ocean.. and if you're reading this, as always, a special thank you for supporting and following my passion that is Thurston Photo - click this link to get a free iPhone screen saver of "Hour Glass" - It's only free for a couple of days..

Hour Glass Abstract water image by Thurston Photo
"Hour Glass" | Available in Print

Dawn of Justice Abstract ocean print by Thurston Photo"Dawn of Justice" | Available in Print

Galaxsea flash ocean photo by Philip Thurston"Galaxsea" | Available in Print

Indefinite an abstract image of the ocean surface by Thurston Photo"Indefinite" | Available in Print

Blanket of Light A beautiful photo of the light on the ocean surface by Philip Thurston"Blanket of Light" | Available in Print

Subtle textures of light and water by Thurston Photo"Subtle" | Available in Print

"Rays of Flight" A moody image of the stormy ocean by Thurston Photo"Rays of Flight" | Available in Print

Hope you enjoyed these images,

Best, PT.

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Simon Letts

Simon Letts

Hour Glass works incredibly well as a screen saver in Portrait.

Hour Glass works incredibly well as a screen saver in Portrait.

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