I'm currently sitting on a train on my way to the airport to fly to Western Australia and embark on a road trip to the deep remote south of this beautiful great southern land. Has got me thinking how many...

I'm currently sitting on a train on my way to the airport to fly to Western Australia and embark on a road trip to the deep remote south of this beautiful great southern land. Has got me thinking how many people are in transit everyday heading to different places, different destinations, to different lives. Life and travel can be so likened to one another, we are constantly stopping off and catching the views, experiencing new places, meeting new people, all the while heading in a direction of our own final destination that is very much determined by the choices we make in our day to day lives. But have we ever got back on the train after having the time of our lives and wondered where it actually terminates, where the end actually is? 

Many people limit their freedom by surrounding themselves with other people and environments that don't champion on their individual purpose, and don't celebrate the life they have. Life is not a burden to carry, it's a blessing to behold, and we each carry a significant purpose to fulfil. Environments create mindsets and mindsets influence our decisions. So it's important to cultivate one that grows you as an individual, challenges you and pushes you into your potential. That's an important revelation to have if you want to live the grand, magnificent life you've been predestined to live. And I'm not just talking about physical environments here, but also the mental and spiritual environments we cultivate in our heads as well. For it's our physical choices that take us to physical destinations, but our spiritual choices will take us to places far more glorious than where our feet will ever go.

A beautiful waterfall, a breathtaking mountain top, a wide open ocean, I've seen many of them with my own eyes but at some point I must realise that the beauty of this earth is but a small piece of evidence for what lay behind the veil. Maybe it's but a mere glimpse into heavenly places, realms too beautiful to comprehend with the frame of mind that reality moulds us into when we get back on the train. 

To stand under a waterfall feels like standing in the presence of angels, to feel the sonic boom of an impacting wave in the ocean can feel like a time travel to another dimension, looking out upon a vast mountain side of countless shades of green and blue can feel like you're at the doorstep of heaven.. Spending just a moment in that kind of energy, if the eyes of our heart are open, can be an inviting feeling to a great beyond. For me, nature and its myriad ways of rejoicing, seems to be pointing in the one direction.. The gushing water, the roaring waves, the groaning mountain sides, all voicing in favour to one. Surely these places we visit reflect heaven enough for our spirits to be deeply moved, that the earth itself echoes the resounding voice of the one that is, that was and that will be for eternity. 

For the choices we make on earth will lead us into experiences and encounters that define our spiritual choices, that influence our faith, to make our own minds up in light of what we've seen and felt in our hearts, not from the opinions we've gathered from others or a news column we read somewhere. But to feel our way to heaven, to follow our instinct and discover a destination that is beyond where our feet and finance can take us, to find home, and be steadfastly moving that direction in this breath of life we've been given. So I encourage you, if you are not already planning it, escape locally to that waterfall you've never been to, or start saving for that dream destination that somehow has been reduced to only a dream by the oppressing influences that surround us so subtly. Take that step out, and toward a new destination, and be open to an experience and breath of life that can and most likely will notion you into an encounter that may change your entire life.. Open your heart and follow it.

In light of this viewpoint, I've created a Land & Seascape Collection on my site from my travels both, near and far. I will be adding to this as the encounters happen but I've barely scratched the surface of what is out there and I'm excited to be on this journey. Thanks for reading and following along for the ride!

-Philip Thurston 

Water fall magic with Thurston Photo by Morgan Lee Alain

Horse Head Rock, Bermagui by Thurston Photo

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