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The Living Water Publication is a project that has finally reached its release to the world on the 7th of Jan 2015. Over 2 years ago I had the vision for it and after countless hours of hard work, travelling, shooting, designing and organising, my first ever publication has materialised into an A4 sized coffee table book and I couldn't be happier. It's a project that I've poured so much of my heart into, both mentally and physically, learning the meaning behind the quote I have come to love and live by 'Whatever you do, do it with all your heart." Hand picking 77 of my best shots to eternalise in print was challenging, although I discovered not nearly as challenging as articulating the literature that poetically represented the words I chose to accompany each photo, knowing that each word may potentially impact someones life in a special way.

I hope you enjoy this self-published book and discover my intent in creating such a meaningful resource, which is to inspire the heart to be wild, our love to be courageous and our eyes to be open.


"Living Water" is a collection of thoughts and visions, poetically woven into a visual expression of the authors passion for Ocean Art and the deeper thirst we all have to discover true purpose and meaning in life. It explores thought provoking avenues about the common words that we relate to, that lead the reader down a path of encouragement and inspiration to go beyond what delights the eyes and into a deeper resource of what Thurston refers to as “Living Water."

Water is a known essential for the bodies survival, where as Living Water is reference to the deeper nourishment that fuels the dreams and visions that we all have been given in some measure that allow us to live a life of true purpose and meaning. This book has been designed to not only treat the eye but also ignite passion, fuel the soul and encourage those that thirst to find reason and courage to discover and be refreshed from the place where Living Water flows.. 


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