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Finding Your Purpose - Burg Thurston Biography

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Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. That’s great but what are you going to do? How do we find out our own purpose? It’s a challenging concept to consider that each one of us in born for a reason, born for a purpose that is to define the fundamental reason for our individual existence.

I’m 27 years old, and I’ve been called many different things, not so much names, but identities, what do you do? People ask us.. and the answer is always relative to our current circumstance. I’m a kitchen hand at the local cafe, I’m a camera housing manufacturer, I’m a videographer, I’m an adventurer, I’m a bodyboarder, I’m a web designer, I’m a graphic artist, I’m a painter, I think I’m a creative professional? I’m a Director? I’m a Photographer.. But what am I really? What do I really do and what on earth am I supposed to be doing! How do we find out what we are supposed to be doing!? 

Finding your own purpose is a journey of a lifetime. It’s the journey that takes courage, to leave behind security and pursue your unique calling, with faith and hope, discovering exactly what you were designed to be.

Financial success doesn’t define it, your house won’t define it, the car you drive has nothing to do with it, your social status is irrelevant to it, your job doesn’t define it. So what then is it?

We can sometimes catch a glimpse of it in that strangers wry smile, in the sneaky tear of gratitude, in that outstretched hand, in that moment when someone stops to give to the needy, when another's agenda becomes about helping others, we can feel it in that moment, where one thing becomes our focus and the worlds troubles are blurred out. We can feel it when we reach that mountain summit, metaphorically or physically speaking, it’s in that moment of committing to giving it one more go, it’s in that personal accomplishment and overcoming ones fears. It’s ultimately finding your offering to the world, and having the courage to give it.

How do I find it? Well, what is the deep desire that sits in your heart waiting for it’s release. What is your heart saying, where does it want to lead you? How is your instinct wired, what do you dream about at night when reality loosens, what is it that you constantly compress everyday when you start your routine. What is it that you fear most? What are you naturally gifted at? What is your core competency? What makes your spirit come alive again?

Journey through the pages of my life and learn with me as I discover the key elements in discovering your own purpose in life.

The PURPOSE of this book..

Writing is a discovery. When I had the vision for this book, I knew I had something valuable that would help someone in this world, I wasn’t sure what it looked like when I started but I just began writing, accumlating thoughts, putting pen to paper with my ideas and what I’ve learnt in life, and gradually piece by piece, my story came together. In doing so I’ve learnt things about myself that I never knew, creating a resource of motivation and inspiration not just for others but also for myself.

  • 1. To inspire others to make a start with what they have.  The decisions you make today will become your legacy in the future. Simply start, you don’t even know what you have to be doing, but just by making a start on something, even if it’s only small. Do something that your passionate about, you dont need to see the full picture in order to do so. It’s like climbing a mountain you cant see the top on the way up, all you can see is the metres thats in front of you and thats all you need to focus on to get ot the top. In the age of an overwhelming amount of resource and technology, everything seems to have been done already, opportunity is abundant but motivation is at an all time low. In this book I have identified some of the issues young people face today and how we can become part of the solution. Self worth is one of the biggest issues in todays generation and by sharing my story, with the ups and the downs of life, I hope to give someone, somewhere the courage to go after thier own dreams, discover thier own significance and worth and to find value and meaning in being themselves.
  • 2. To inspire hope, vision, passion in the hearts of young people and older people alike. To give people that little bit of courage and hope they need to push them into the first step of thier own journey. A journey that will take them to places that  the doors of hopelessness and discouragement have been blocking them from entering.
  • 3. To unlock the power of vision. Vision is the fuel of dreams. If you have a vision for something, you will be able to conquer the greatest challenges, but without it, you will perish. You don't need a great start but you must make a start if you wish to be great.
  • 4. To give people that have the resource to bless my vision an insight into my life and my story in the prospect of partnering and supporting my passion to further my vision and my dreams. I’m only just getting started, if I can gain sponsorship and support from investors then i can continue to create films and inspirational material for the youth of today. 

People who live to help themselves are forgotten, people who live to help others become legend.

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