Over the course of my career I've covered a lot of terrain and carried a lot of equipment over that terrain. When you have to go the distance, what you bring can be a make or break. I've made the mistake of taking too much, and I've made the mistake of also leaving behind much needed gear! Here you'll find a list of the photography gear that I choose to take with me into the field, how I carry it and why I choose to take it with me. Each item is also accompanied by a link that you can find out more details and proceed to purchase it for yourself.


The Best Tripods.

Tripods are a photographers best friend. Arguably the most used piece of equipment in the quiver.


Befree GT XPRO Carbon Tripod

This tripod is the very best balance of portability and functionality. I've used pretty much the entire ranch of Tripods and this is the one I'd choose if I had to take only one on an overnight backpacking trip into the mountains.


190go! MS Carbon 4-Section Photo Tripod

The 190go with XPRO Ball Head is my go to workhorse. I seldom leave the house without one, or two! Two is better, just in case there's an opportunity for timelapseing. These tripods are dangerously quick to setup and are extremely stable. I can confidently walk away from this tripod while it's working away, and even more so with the legs a little wider. I also use two of these when shooting with the Motion Control system.