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About Phil & Kelsey

Phil Thurston is an internationally recognized fine art photographer, known for his stunning nature and ocean imagery. He is also an international ambassador and content creator for leading camera solution companies Manfrotto, Canon and AquaTech. However, over the course of his 15 year career, Thurston has had many years experience in photographing and filming events of all kinds and sizes, from week long sporting tours and festivals to weddings and business events of all sizes. In early 2019, Phil met Kelsey, a beautiful International high fashion model and event manager from the USA, they fell in love immediately and a year later they are engaged. Together, Phil and Kelsey make an extraordinarily dynamic team that produce beautiful and compelling imagery.

" We combine passion with experience to go beyond our clients expectations before, during, and after our session together."

With Phil's talent and composition behind the lens and Kelseys artistic and professional direction, Thurston Photo is providing an imaging service that will go well beyond your expectations for your personal photography requests. We are currently offering Thurston Photo "Sessions" for Events (business and personal), Weddings, Family, Couples and Individual Portraits.

Locations we cover and yearly travel schedule:

We are currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina area while in the USA and the Sydney NSW area while in Australia, we generally travel between the two during the transition of spring - summer. (US June - December, AUS Jan - May) As we travel a lot, please register your interest and location with us and we will let you know when we are near you!

We know special. Let us look after your special Event.


This is the most important day of your life, you're going to be looking your best, and we know how much it's stressing you out. So, allow us to alleviate some of that burden by offering you our photography services. Phil has shot numerous weddings and worked for many professionals in the industry. Now, together with his partner Kelsey, they provide a prolific two person team that can eloquently cover the entire day. Everything from bride and groom preparation, the ceremony, all the way to the dance floor. We are practically invisible on the day, shooting with longer lenses and crouching in with wides to capture every moment of joy and laughter that such a day promises. 

We'd love to give you the best of what we do for your once in a lifetime event!

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We can take care of your Portraits.



Capturing the dynamics of each relationship within a family environment can be a challenge, however with Kelsey coordinating and Phil composing, we can create a fun, joyful experience and an atmosphere that produces the most natural and complimentary family portraits.

Prior to the shoot, we will have a brief meeting either in person on the day or on the phone to discuss everything from clothing to what location you’d like to have.  Kelsey has a bounty of knowledge in color coordination and fashion sense so will orchestrate the family to look their best, and Phil will do the rest.

The last thing we want is for you to feel rushed during your session. That’s why we allow plenty of time for everything in between. Kelsey will create time for kids to play so Phil can capture those special candid moments that bring a lifetime of joy. We don't pose too many shots, the natural moments are always the best!

1.5-2 hours Shoot time $400* (Includes 25 Edited photos supplied digitally)

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Did you just get engaged!? If so, congratulations!! We are so thrilled for you! We would love to capture the magic and chemistry between you both! If you are just after some beautiful photographs of you and your wife or best friend, then we are more than happy to accomodate you for this special photography session. Between the dynamic of Phil and Kelsey working together, we create a fun, friendly and comfortable space for you both to engage with each other and enjoy the experience while Thurston snaps off those natural candid moments! If you're worried about having to pose, don't worry, we won't make you pose, we may make you laugh though, and we'll get to know each other! If this is for you, get in touch and we look forward to meeting you and eternalizing the love that share with that special someone!

1-2 hours $350* (Includes 25 Edited photos supplied digitally)

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Portraits in this day and age are extremely important to have, and to get right. They can be used to build your social media profile, represent yourself online, apply for jobs, the list goes on. Plus, they are just great to have done regularly to keep your online presence fresh and alive. They are also a great opportunity to express yourself, to capture the essence of who you are. Kelsey is an incredibly talented high fashion model and worked internationally for many leading fashion designers and prestigious brands. While Phil sets up the backdrops and soft boxes, analyses the lighting and gets ready to capture your look, Kelsey is coaching you and prepping you on how to look your best and come across natural. It's truly the perfect storm to get your best portrait ever. Kelsey can also help with hair and makeup and assist you on the day to prepare for your shoot. Whether its a full studio shoot with backdrops or utilising the natural light in the outdoors, we have you absolutely covered when it comes visually representing who you are.

1 hour - $150 ($100 for each additional hour including pre-shoot prep) (Includes 15 Edited photos supplied digitally)

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Do you have that favourite secret spot that you always wish you could capture the essence of? Do you have special memories attached to that certain lookout spot? As photographers, we travel a lot, so, we are more than happy to go the extra mile with you in order to photograph you or you and your special someone in the place you love. We (meaning Phil) can hike in portable lighting gear and bring everything required to create beautiful well lit photographs anywhere you can imagine. 

There's a lot of things to consider in this case, like weather, safety, and seasonal opportunities, so please send us your enquires and ideas about your desired adventure session, and we can provide you a quotation and plan to make it happen! 

Up to 1.5 hours - $150 ($100 for each additional hour including pre-shoot prep, includes 15 Edited photos supplied digitally)

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On Location

We want you to be the absolute best versions of yourselves during our session together, that's why we are totally flexible with where you want the session to be.  We would absolutely love to use your family farm, your favorite picnic spot, the mountain lookout or waterfall you had your first date or wherever that special spot is you have in mind. We can even jump in the water and organise an underwater photo shoot (After all, Phil is an internationally renown ocean photographer.. ) If you’re not sure though, no worries at all! Ask Phil and Kelsey for their ideas and we are happy to accomodate your circumstances and come up with an amazing location for you to consider.

*Travel expenses may apply for on location shooting, we will include that in the quote prior to the shoot so we are all on the same page.

Photo Editing

After your shoot, we will supply between 20-25 professionally colour graded images in both web resolution for you to share with your friends and family on your social media channels, and in high resolution for you to take to your local printer or order from a printer online that you may have in mind already. We will also supply the original files for you to request additional photo edits at a small extra fee per photo.

Prints and Delivery

Allow up to 2 weeks after your session to receive a download link of your edited images to your email. In addition to the editing and delivery, we offer premium framed prints, canvas and acrylic options to choose from if you decide to have some of the shots in display in your home. Simply let us know the ones you'd like to order and we can have them shipped to your door.



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