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"It's funny how being in life threatening, dangerously wild environments can tend to arouse the mind into a meditative state where revelation and wisdom flourishes! Read and be encouraged to share Thurston Photo's collection of original inspirational quotes and motivational quotes from experiences and adventures as an ocean and adventure photographer. Some of these words may be similar to phrases or concepts you've heard in the past, the value of what I speak, I commend the predecessors and pioneers that have inspired our generation."  Thurston continually feeds off inspirational role models and journals his interpretation of wisdom heard into wisdom applied, enjoy and be inspired.


"People who live to help themselves are forgotten, people who live to help others become legend."

"Entertainment stops us, inspiration starts us."

"The Decisions you make today, will become your legacy in the future."

Thurston Photo shooting waterfall landscape photos"All you need to see in front of you is the next step in order to make it to the top."

"A vision in one man, is to inspire hope in many."

"Truly helping others is not just giving them a hand that they'll eventually let go of, rather it's giving them a hope so that they themselves never let go."

"Good is the enemy of great, and to make something great one must push past the desire to settle for good."

"It is the journey that shapes an individual, where our growth is more important than our achievements."  

"Imagination is not a false reality, rather it's a reality that is yet to be created."

"Sometimes we must be broken to find out what's really inside of us." 

"If a man is willing to serve another's vision, he shall become fit to have his own."

"Life creates routine, and routine is resistance to the wonder. We were created to wonder."

Thurston Waterfall Wonder

"To serve is greater than to be served."

"The world of the generous man becomes larger and larger, the world of the selfish man becomes smaller and smaller." 

"Faith, Hope and Love. The three most valuable assets that can be attained all must be given away in order to be gained."

"You must let go of your past in order to pursue your future."

"A pioneer doesn't require an example to go off, they become the example to go off."

"It's not as important as to where you get a great idea from, rather where you take that great idea to."

"We have peripheral vision because not all the opportunities in life are directly in front of us." 

 "Adventure lies somewhere between what you know and what you desire to know."

"We are always tempted to think less than what we were created to be."

Thurston walking on an ice berg

"Real peace is a settled heart, not a settled environment." 

"A man without a vision is a man without a future. And a man without a future will always return to his past."

"With hard practice we master our craft."

"There is life all around that we never see, that's because we never look for it."

"Everyone has a fear, but just don't let that fear have you."

"The edge is only a limitation when we neglect our imagination."

"Life's treasure is not the accumulation of gold, it is the accumulation of moments."

"Just go, because you're never really ready."

"Love what you do and others will love it too."

"Life is like a painting, you must step back from it every now and again to see where you're going with it."

"We are only limited by our own extent of passion courage and vision. Not our situation."


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