Intro to Shooting Waves Workshop - South Coast

March 06, 2017

Another day has gone by and the weather forecast hasn’t changed. Rain, rain and heavy rain.. with a chance of thunderstorms... In addition to that, strong onshore winds are predicted for the duration of the weekend. Not ideal conditions for the 12 aspiring ocean photographers booked in and ready to go for the second “Intro to Shooting Waves” workshop.

Fast forward a few days and we are letting out a sigh of satisfaction and contentment after an absolutely perfect weekend of fun filled action and learning amongst beautiful 2-3 foot, clean conditions and awesome displays of light at Bawley Point. Thankfully, the weather didn’t follow through with its threats of wild weather, instead, it delivered gorgeous conditions that were perfect for all the participants to enjoy and shoot in and it provided excellent examples of a lot of the ocean safety, forecasting, shooting techniques, wave environments and other examples of what was taught and shared by myself, and the team over the weekend.

Thurston Photo Intro to Waves Workshop - BennyWe had a young man full of potential right through to an enthusiastic shooter in their 60s. Such a great demographic of people.

Thurston Photo Intro to Waves Workshop - Shooting

“Awesome course with a great bunch of like minded people, learnt heaps!” - Darren

"Epic week end and smiles all around, thanks for an awesome learning experience!" - Francois

“Thanks everyone for arranging such a well run and inspiring weekend.” - Adam

“That was an awesome workshop - learnt so much and had heaps of fun!" - Taylor

“Thank you Darren & Phil for inspiring Benny - SO GRATEFUL you made him feel so welcome amongst you all. Also thankful for Phil and Scott for a most extra special weekend” - Jenny

Thurston Photo Intro to Waves Workshop - the wavesGreat conditions to get out and experiment with the the range of gear that was on offer.

Thurston Photo Intro to Waves Workshop - Aquatech
The guru of housings; Phil G. 

The workshop was held at Bawley point beach, which turned on during the 2 days with nice 2-3 foot swell lines every 10-15 mins, which made it quite user friendly but still had a few moments of heightened heart rates! It was fun having all those people in the water, as we had every setup from 8mm fisheyes through to 70-200mm telephoto lenses, so everyone got to experience a diverse range of shooting styles and capture something a little different to process back at the house. The Sunday morning even gave us a spectacular display of light, an absolute contrary to what the weatherman was predicting!

Thurston Photo Intro to Waves Workshop - Light

Thurston Photo Intro to Waves Workshop - 70-200mmThe gorgeous light pop on sunrise that had us all transfixed!

Having been shooting in the ocean for over 15 years, to be able to impart into others and share my experiences and knowledge with others to help them on their journey as an aspiring photographer, has been one of the most special and rewarding experiences so far in my career. And in addition to that, I was able to share the beauty of the south coast, the place where I grew up learning and spending so much of my time photographing in the ocean. I do enjoy being around like minded people, but the crew from this weekend were more than that, they were passionate individuals that were enthusiastic about taking their photography to the next level. I’m sure every one of them has a great future in photography and I’m stoked that I was able to be a small part of it. 

Thurston Photo Intro to Waves Workshop - Teaching

Thurston Photo Intro to Waves Workshop - ExamplesPhil T delivering the course material!

Canon Australia and Aquatech at the Thurston Photo Intro to Shooting Waves Photography Workshop
Was so awesome to have Canon Collective and AquaTech there with a heap of full DSLR kits for the participants to take advantage of, plus Phil and Scott shared such great wisdom on camera gear and shooting in the water with a housing system.

Thanks to everyone that was involved and the participants that came along! You guys are awesome! Don’t forget to do a dunk test! ;)

See you in the water! PT.

A group of champions!

Darren Jew Shooting Waves!DJ getting amongst the action!

Thurston Photo Intro to Shooting Waves Workshop - The Running ManThe Running Man.

Thurston Photo Intro to Shooting Waves Workshop - Rubber FacePhil G gliding into a few.

Thurston Photo Intro to Shooting Waves Workshop - BarrelAn image shot with the Canon 70-200mm telephoto that was being used by people for the first time.

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